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Alternative title Элегия
ComposerDenis Asimovich
PublisherIn memory of Denis Asimovich
Genre Classical / Piece
Instrumentation Acoustic guitar
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Key E minor
Duration 2'0"
Difficulty Easy
Year of composition 1997
Description This piece was inspired by a psalm. It is written in a ternary form and can be used for education as far as it consists of many different romantic techniques. The sound sample was performed and recorded by Denis Asimovich.
Upload date 28 Apr 2009
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Max Fisher
22 Sep 2009
The beauty of this astonishing melody amazed me at sight, while I was hearing it for the first time. It’s full of gentle shade of sadness and leisurely reverie. Soft sounds of guitar carry me along beyond the clouds and make me forget about earthy problems, relax and let me collecting my thoughts in calm.
15 Jun 2009
Хорошее произведение... Мне оно очень понравилось. Особенно тема - нежная, мягкая.Советую всем поиграть!!!

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